I have just found an interesting statistic which may help to explain why I have felt perpetually tired for the last two years.

Australian mothers with a child under 5 years old spend 23 hours a week doing housework and those with a youngest child 5-14 years old spend 20 hours a week (for more details see  http://www.aifs.gov.au/institute/pubs/snapshots/familytime.html).

Combine that amount of housework with paid work plus time spent parenting and playing with two active kids and you start realising where all those hours disappear to…..

Well I am aiming to find:

– inspiration in the daily household tasks


– finding ways to make housework FASTER

– using cheaper products that are better for the environment

learning MORE and having fun in the process!

After all the main homemaker generally decides the majority of daily household purchases and how they are used and as a result contributes to having a major impact on the health of their families and the planet (oh the power is going to my head!!)

So I am hoping to explore this further, document my journey and let you know how my experiments with environmentally sustainable homemaking, reducing housework (is it possible?) and staying sane as a Mum go.

Ciao EnviroMum