I startled my children this morning, by dashing out first thing to clean our outdoor wooden table with a bucket of strong hot tea and a broom covered with a stocking.

When I told my son I had seen it on a TV show the night before, he thought I was joking or had gone a little crazy. As would you, if you had seen me in action!

Lush House on the Lifestyle channel (Foxtel) has been inspiring me about all manner of interesting cleaning methods that also have the benefit of being eco-friendly. Ultimately my efforts with the tea covered broom did have the desired effect of making our table not only cleaner but slightly darker than it had been previously (sorry, no before and after shots, my camera is broken 😦 ).

Below is a link to Shannon Lush’s cleaning kit, which I am hoping to put together for my own home and includes:

  • Bi-carb Soda
  • White Vinegar
  • Methylated Spirits
  • Lavender Oil and
  • Unprocessed Wheat Bran

An interesting cleaning kit to say the least, but should be cheaper and greener than some of those nasty cleaning products currently lurking in my laundry cupboard!


Will keep you informed on the results…… 🙂

How to be Comfy Shannon Lush and Jennifer Flemming

How to be Comfy Shannon Lush and Jennifer Flemming