Yes, that is “Ode to” and not “Odour of the compost bin”. I have been working on the art of composting over the last 10 years or so and am still a mere novice compared to some. One of my main aims is to spend as little time on it as humanly possible. My ideal situation is to have a bin that I can throw things into and only have to do something with every 6-12 months when almost full.

What I love about composting is that I am reducing the rubbish our household sends to landfill and reducing methane emissions in the process (methane is 23 times more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, food and garden waste in landfill producing methane gas). 

…and no you don’t need to have chooks to or a vegetable garden to collect food scraps, all you need is about one square metre and a cheap compost bin.

My HOT TIPS for compost are:

  • put in a mix of fruit, vege scraps and crushed egg shells, plus stray leaves (not too many) and coffee grounds
  • throw in a bit of torn paper and water every now and again

Don’t put in:

  • onions, meat, sticks or big piles of leaves (mix in with other things)

Signs of success are:

  • lots of worms!
  • no smell (if you do have a compost bin with an “odour” it probably isn’t working properly and is probably producing methane – not what we are trying to achieve!)

I have also discovered that young kids love digging through compost and discovering worms which is a great time to chat with them about why do it and the science behind how it works.

More information on composting is also available at

So stop making excuses……for every tonne of food or garden waste you stop from going to landfill you save about 300kg of greenhouse gas emissions.