Recently my son picked up a brochure entitled

“Think you can be a meat-eating environmentalist? Think again!”

He liked it because it had a picture of the world surrounded by stars, but didn’t notice that the continents were actually depicted as cuts of meat with a bite taken out of them.

Having this display by a local vegetarian society brought to my attention made me cringe, as I have read many convincing arguments about why we should not be eating meat (particularly red meat), due to its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and environmental degradation. However being part of a family of male meat lovers, I find it a struggle to introduce even one vegetarian meal a week into our diet, as anything that obviously doesn’t have meat is quickly rejected.

According to the brochure my willing son armed me with

“A Sydney University study calculated that reducing your meat intake from the Australian average of 300 gms per day to 150 gms saves 1.4 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year – about the same as reducing your annual car travel by 4,700 kms in a family car.”

After reading this and many other convincing arguments in other literature, my main concern is how do I trick my family into eating vegetarian meals without them realising! Any tips on vegetarian child-friendly meals (must not look or taste like vegetables!) would be greatly appreciated. 

Canneloni with spinach & ricotta, vegie rice bake (my own invention) and fried rice seem to be the only dishes I have had any success with (success classified as being eaten without any complaints).

Also apparently

“in Australia, meat production is responsible for a massive 18 per cent of the country’s CO2 emissions. CO2 is the measure of total greenhouse gas contribution.” Read more