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Amongst other things…. having children has helped me appreciate the joys of gardening.

It is something I can do, and they can join in, or stay occupied with their own outdoor activities.

It also means they are more active, discovering things in a safe environment and getting to create new things such as mud cakes, makeshift sheds, pretend roadworks, collecting snailshells and being a bit more creative and energetic than they would be if inside.

I am also beginning to appreciate all the things that can be learnt in a small suburban backyard. How plants grow, the different birds and insects and how they behave, the importance of weather, seasons and much more.

Apart from the benefits for my children, I also love that it is one of the places where I slow down and relax, but still have fun with my children at the same time. Much more constructive than attempting to put your feet up, while the kids run rings around you!

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