After writing about Laundry Environment Savers last year, I have been meaning to follow up with some information on which laundry detergent ingredients are best avoided to make sure that the water going from your washing machine into the garden is safe and not hurting your plants or anything else.

1) Phosphorus – avoid products containing phosphorus as this can harm sensitive native plants.

  • Try to buy products labelled NP (No Phosphorus).

2) Sodium – otherwise known as salt this can build up in the soil and damage your garden.

  • Try to buy products labelled “No Sodium”.

3) Sodium Lauryl (or Laureth) Sulphate – a strong and harsh detergent, repeated use can accumulate SLS in the body.

  • Not sure how regularly this is found in laundry detergents, but best avoided as build up in your body or the environment is not a good thing!