Being a novice blogger, I have spent some time trying to find useful resources to help develop my blog further.

Two books I have discovered have been Daniel Scocco’s Make Money Blogging and Tara Frey’s Blogging for Bliss.

‘Make Money Blogging’ has not led me to making money through my blog, but has provided me with helpful tips on improving it’s appearance and functionality. Given that it is available free through Scocco’s website, it is surprisingly comprehensive and thorough and has been a useful reference document, with relevant links and information. If making money isn’t your aim, don’t discount this e-book as there is a lot in it for the non-business minded blogger like myself.

blogging for bliss by Tara Frey

In contrast, ‘Blogging for Bliss’ is a more crafty approach to blogging, looking at lots of case studies of creative blogs and what makes them work. There are a lot more visuals in this one and it is more aimed at crafty, creative types. Quite inspirational, but also some practical information on the basics of setting up and designing a blog.

Both books have been useful, but have quite different focuses. Being able to access Scocco’s book free on the web is an added bonus, whereas Blogging for Bliss cost me $25 AUD at a bookstore.

Do you have any tips on best resources on blogging: books, websites or other?