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I have just joined the One Million Women campaign, which aims to get one million women signed up to cutting their (and their household’s) carbon emissions over the course of the next year.

Mission: to cut 1 tonne carbon dioxide within 12 months.

I have started my personal challenge, by taking on some activities in the Food area, these include a commitment to:

  • Buy local, fresh and in-season when shopping for fruit and vegetables
  • Cutting out 1 red meat meal each week (probably a little too challenging for my family to go totally vegetarian)
  • Putting veggie scraps in worm farms, Bokashi buckets or composters
  • Reducing wasted food by managing it better everyday.

When does the challenge start? Now!

A stretch challenge for me in the Food area which I haven’t signed up to yet (need to think about it a bit first) is to:  

  • Turn a garden bed into a mini-farm to grow your own food 

This one is going to require a bit more planning and research. I already have a very miniscule garden bed operating as a vegetable garden, but it is a very limited space sandwiched between two boundary fences, a garden shed and a compost bin!

So to develop something further that could be classified as a mini-farm, might require a bit more thought.

I will let you know my progress….

And some interesting links:

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Reduce waste with meal planning and free Sanitarium Health and Happiness cookbook.


“Apparently it happens to most of us at some stage. You’re happily travelling through life, getting all the pragmatic stuff done while trying to hold on to one or two dreams when the stars align but then, to everyone’s surprise, including your own, you go to bed very late one night realising that you’ve become……a blogger.” – ‘Bloggers Unplugged, The Canberra Times, 10 April 2010.

Yes, it is true, I have finally realised after reading this recent article by Nigel Featherstone, that this has indeed happened to me too!

It is a strange hobby this blogging business, but appeals to the inner writer/social activist in me, which only emerges late at night when the dust has settled (literally at the moment with kitchen renovations in full swing).

Anyway thought I would share this quote as it tickled my fancy, particularly how things can creep up on you and then take over! A bit like reality television, which I think Nigel also mentioned as a case in point.

Happy blogging to all you other crazy late night writers out there and don’t stay up too late!