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path disconnect

Last week I prepared a talk on active transport, which confirmed for me how many missed opportunities there are to walk and cycle instead of using cars to get around.

Personally I am trying to walk to school with my son as much as possible (approx. 1.1km) and to walk or cycle to the local shopping centre (1.2km).

At a good pace with children, these walks take only about 15 minutes and if I was to cycle on my own they would take less than 5 minutes. However these are the trips that many of us are taking in our cars.

Research shows that:

  • 10% of all car trips for distances less than 1 kilometre, and
  • 50% of car trips are for distances less than 5 kilometres (typically from home).

However I am also aware of the barriers (perceived and real) to people undertaking these relatively short trips.

These include that:

  • pedestrian and cycle paths often don’t follow the most direct route to a destination
  • are not well maintained
  • require crossing busy roads
  • or have unsafe crossing points, and
  • are not well shaded or maintained……to name a few.

Here are some more photos, that might explain why we don’t enjoy the walking and cycling trips, as much as using our car!

cracked path with no kerb crossingkerb crossing with no joining footpathpath to nowhere