Once again my son has inspired me to get enthusiastic about things.

This time it was for Earth Hour which was held last Saturday. He had experienced it at school on Friday when they turned off all the lights and electrical items for 1 hour.

So on Saturday night, we had a romantic candlelit dinner, and attempted to extend the lights off to two hours. Despite his brother’s best attempt to ruin things by being inconveniently sick in the middle of it all!

Nevertheless we had some fun, and it turned into a bit of a camping at home “what was it like in the old days” experience. The novelty of having all the lights out and only candles was fantastic and cemented for my son the idea of what we use electricity for, and what it is like without it.

The challenge of going beyond the hour and hopefully into the days and weeks beyond, is one which we are hoping to take up.

Maybe a candlelit dinner could be become part of our weekly routine!