Finally, I have created my own environmentally friendly cleaning kit!

The best thing is, it is simple, cheap and works.

Even better my children can help me clean, because none of the products are going to harm them if they get on their skin and if these products go down the drain they shouldn’t be damaging our waterways, wildlife or anything else.

My test run was on our bathroom:

  • Glass cleaner (vinegar and water) – for shower screen and mirror
  • Enjo mitt and marble spray – for bath and bottom of shower screen
  • Lavender spray (lavender oil and water) – for benchtop
  • Bicarb soda and vinegar – for toilet

My three year old son cleaned the shower screen and sink with the spray pumps. Oh joy! My least loved job – and he had fun! Combine these products with microfibre cloths and  it all seems fairly straightforward.

This is a definite winner and soon I will have my  pre-prepared cleaning kit complete and have my kids, hubby and myself on the job!