Only recently had I heard the term Carrotmob, and had absolutely no idea what it was!

Now that I am in the know, I can inform you that a Carrotmob is a group of people taking positive action on climate change, by selecting a day or time to purchase goods at a particular store that has agreed to spend part, or all profits made on the day, to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Such as by installing solar panels, retrofitting with more efficient lights, recycling waste etc. 

The concept of a Carrotmob emerged in San Francisco, with the name reflecting the “carrot” rather than the “stick” approach to encouraging people to make changes to how they ran their businesses through positive consumer activism. The first Carrotmob campaign was successfully pulled off in 2008 and from what I understand there have been many Carrotmobs since!

As part of this Carrotmob phenomenon a group of enterprising Canberrans have approached IGAs across the inner north and asked them what they would do to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in exchange for being mobbed by a large group of customers.  Ainslie IGA offered to put 100% of the money spent on the day towards reducing the stores emissions. So if you are interested and in Canberra Saturday 11 June 2011, come join the mob at Ainslie IGA!

To find out more see Carrotmob Canberra or Time article (2009) Shoppers, Unite! Carrotmobs Are Cooler than Boycotts