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Obviously we haven’t paid enough attention to An Inconvenient Truth!

Coming soon is the Climate Reality Project – a day long worldwide event on Thursday 15 September with the aim of generating interest and presenting facts about climate change in an attempt to engage public conversation on how we can solve this significant global issue.

The Climate Reality Project  consists of a multimedia presentation created by Al Gore being presented every hour of the day on the 15th September.

It will be a livestream occurring in 24 different time zones to audiences around the globe, in an attempt to generate (or regenerate) interest and discussion on this topic.

For my part I am heading off to special presentation in Canberra which is one of the host cities. For more information on the Climate Reality Project or to see the trailer.


Yesterday we planted a tree with our children and extended family – a fun activity. We are now all looking forward to seeing it 10 years from now, thriving and big enough to climb!

Hopefully we will be able to teach our children a love of the outdoors and sense of adventure that the planting of  a tree promises.

Would you believe a recent study found that one in 10 Australian children play outside once a week or less! In addition, 70 per cent of parents said they played outside every day as a child, compared to only 35 per cent of their children.

For more information see Climbing Trees: Getting Aussie Kids Back Outside.

The much anticipated convoy of no confidence barrelled into Canberra today, to protest against the current government…or about any minority government…or about the carbon tax…or about stopping live cattle exports….or … According to organisers there were going to be a huge amount of trucks and people rolling into town, but the much anticipated hoards never eventuated. There were some truck horn blasts along Northbourne Avenue and around 200 people on the Parliament House lawns, but it appears this was the extent of it.

Canberra residents will be waiting in expectation for any further developments tomorrow, but as Glazov in the Drum Opinion points out, a journey from WA to Canberra is almost certainly more expensive than a year of the proposed carbon tax – even without counting lost work time. Great to see the debate firing up…but wondering how much of this is a campaign of misinformation?

Well it’s amazing the things I get excited about! My latest discovery is EnviroLove a business focused on the collection and recycling of organic waste.

Image: Grant Cochrane /

They have already made great headways into recycling commercial organic waste in Canberra. Essentially they are collecting food waste coming out of cafes, restaurants and teaching facilities and converting it back into soil – brilliant! Why didn’t someone think of this before?

I have been amazed when I have asked at cafes what they do with their leftover coffee grounds and they have looked at me blankly and said “throw them in the bin with everything else”. Anyway great work EnviroLove hoping to hear more about you in the future.

Also check out the article on Jahne Meyer the founder of EnviroLove at Brilliant Idea.

By the way I have finally found a place that packages their coffee grounds for gardeners/composters to take home!

Source: Simon Howden /

Backyard chooks appear to be making a comeback in Australia.

Certainly suburban Canberra lends itself to this pursuit, with the average backyard still big enough to fit a couple of free ranging hens. Personally, I am plotting my own foray into the world of chook ownership and have been amazed at the range of chicken related businesses around.

My grand plan is to start with an egg incubator so that our kids can see the chickens as they hatch. In the meantime, we will also need to do a bit of reconfiguration in our backyard to fit in a chicken coop. At my current rate of organisation I’ll be ready by this time next year!

Some reasons to try chook ownership include:

  • they are productive pets (i.e. they produce eggs)
  • they can get rid of grubs and add free fertiliser to your backyard
  • they eat your food scraps and
  • can help children understand in a practical way where their food (particularly eggs and chicken meat!) comes from.

For those who are a step or two ahead of me in taking on the chook ownership challenge, here are some businesses that can give you a hand.

Canberra Chooks  – Canberra

Chicks in the City  – Canberra and surrounds

City Chicks  – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

Hatching Chicks – Canberra

Rentachook – Sydney and surrounds, will ship to anywhere in Australia (for a small fee!)

And for all you ever wanted to know about keeping chickens see the Keeping Chickens Blogspot.