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Despite my pledge to “buy nothing new” for the month of October, I am really looking forward to the upcoming ‘Green Savvy Sunday’ on Sunday 9 October at our local Old Bus Depot Markets.

As the focus of the day is all about promoting things green and sustainable I am sure I won’t have any problems finding some recycled, reused or pre-loved goods. I already have the record bowls (above) on my shopping list for the music fans in the family!

The day will also include information sessions from experts in the field including:

  • Dr Richard Denniss, Executive Director of the Australia Institute, on why we need
    a carbon tax, why it won’t destroy the economy.
  • Justin Ryan, Director of Armada Solar discussing the future of solar in Canberra after the Feed In Law, and presenting a new environmental product that makes houses more energy neutral (sounds intriguing!)
  • David Hocking from One-Eco will present on sustainability in the garden, and
  • Nick Mayo sharing information about Canberra’s Sustainable House

Green Savvy Sunday is on from 10am to 4pm on the 9th October; entry is free.

Sounds like a great day out for the school holidays!


This October is ‘Buy Nothing New Month’.

Buy Nothing New is a great campaign being promoted by the Salvos Stores, One Million Women and the Brotherhood of St Laurence, to name a few.  The campaign promotes conscientious consumption. You make a pledge to buy nothing new in October and instead beg, barter, swap or even buy whatever you need, as long as it’s pre-loved (with the exception of necessities such as food, drink, medications and hygiene products).

After some debate I have decided to sign up. As my theory is once you are signed up to something you are committed (if it works for running training then surely it will work for this).

 I would urge you to give it a go also. The Buy Nothing New website also offers a range of tips, hints and inspirational ideas. Here is a sample quote to get you thinking….or pledging to Buy Nothing New this October.

“Our world has enough for each person’s need, but not for his greed.”
– Gandhi

Coming soon – Canberra City Farm!

A group in Canberra is cooking up plans to develop a Canberra City Farm.

No, this is not a petting zoo for children, or a demonstration farm. It is intended to be a place where anyone in the community can come and learn more about sustainable living in practice, a network and place for interaction and education.

Ideas for the City Farm concept include demonstrating different gardening practices suitable for the local environment, showcasing renewable technologies or simply understanding the basics of composting. At this stage everything is up for discussion with the intention to quickly narrow down to a focused direction.

The first workshop to discuss ideas, vision and options, was held today. If you are interested and would like to come along to the next workshop contact

Visit Canberra City Farm’s wiki site if you would like to participate or find out more.

While we were in Sydney I came across these planter boxes planted out with herbs, small fruit trees and flowers. They were edging a farmer’s market being held at The Rocks and added some colour, interest and personality to the street. I hope someone will benefit from the produce!

Mint, chives, cumquats, oregano and basil –  fresh and ready to eat!