This October is ‘Buy Nothing New Month’.

Buy Nothing New is a great campaign being promoted by the Salvos Stores, One Million Women and the Brotherhood of St Laurence, to name a few.  The campaign promotes conscientious consumption. You make a pledge to buy nothing new in October and instead beg, barter, swap or even buy whatever you need, as long as it’s pre-loved (with the exception of necessities such as food, drink, medications and hygiene products).

After some debate I have decided to sign up. As my theory is once you are signed up to something you are committed (if it works for running training then surely it will work for this).

 I would urge you to give it a go also. The Buy Nothing New website also offers a range of tips, hints and inspirational ideas. Here is a sample quote to get you thinking….or pledging to Buy Nothing New this October.

“Our world has enough for each person’s need, but not for his greed.”
– Gandhi