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On a recent QANTAS flight I had the fortune to catch a short documentary called Waste Not produced by the Total Environment Centre in Sydney. Waste Not looks at a range of people who are transforming the mountains of rubbish we create into something valuable.

Follow this link to check out the trailer of Waste Not on YouTube:


boy looking at worm factory box

One of our more recent adventures has been the purchase of a worm farm (prior to buy nothing new month!). I was really keen to give it a try – just to see how it worked.

Here’s what we did to set it up.

1) Purchased one worm factory and one box of 1,000 worms (some of these are worm eggs and not live worms).tips for use of worms instructions on box

2) Mixed up some worm soup (peat brick and water).boy mixing muddy water in bucket

3) Set up the box and mounted it on some worm farm box

4) Lined the inside of the top level with the cardboard packaging.cardboard instructions lining worm factory box

5) Poured in the worm soup and let it slowly drain.two boys with worm farm

6) Then put in the worms.worms in dirt

Voila, one operating worm farm! The boys had fun and we have now had the worm farm for around 8 weeks and it seems to be working well.

I haven’t put in too many kitchen scraps, as it does advise you not to overload it to start with. I have also noticed that you generally need to cut things a bit finer, whereas with the compost bin I often put vegetable scraps in without dicing them more finely.

One of the main advantages of a compost bin is the worm tea (wee) that comes out the tap at the bottom and if diluted 1:10 with water, is a great fertiliser for your garden.

Well what a thrill; yesterday the ‘Hatching Chicks’ arrived – the incubator contained 10 eggs.

One or two of the eggs already had a slight crack and within two hours of arriving the first egg had hatched.

The kids, and myself, were beside ourselves with excitement.  All that was missing was the popcorn, as this was 100% better than watching a movie!

Here are some of the “action” shots.