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fresh vegetables on table at local farmers market

I have grown to appreciate our local Southside Farmer’s Markets.

Initially the clash with our lazy Sunday schedule did not appeal. But now with kids waking us up at the crack of dawn,  we have become more enamoured with getting out, having a browse, picking up a few goodies and a coffee before heading off to the next thing.

In Canberra’s colder months we were market regulars and loved the incidental meeting up with friends. Favourite purchases included the honey mustard sausages, macaroons, foccacias and of course the fresh fruit and vegies.

Stall holders come from around the region and need to be selling fresh, seasonal or regional produce. This interactive produce map shows you where all the food comes from.

If you are looking for a different experience to the weekly grocery shop at one of the big chain supermarkets, then I would definitely recommend checking out the markets!


retro floral towels and salt & pepper shakers

I have recently discovered the joys of second hand shopping, also known as “op shopping”. Previously, the impatient, younger version of me would skim in and out of these stores as fast as I could, and then be surprised that I could never find anything decent.

Now, with children who enjoy exploring op shops, I have finally discovered the art of browsing. Amazingly, when you browse you also discover useful and interesting things. Recent finds have included a coin album for my son to house his growing collection of coins, the above towels and an amazing old 1930s dining setting which I am still kicking myself that I didn’t buy!

Anyway as I looked around my house, which is scattered with older pieces of furniture from my grandparents house, I thought it time to coin a new decorating term “Retro Chic”. Clearly shabby chic has been around for over a decade, and done to death, so it must be time for a new decorating trend.

My definition:

Retro Chic – the use of old furnishings and homewares in a new, functional and fashionable way. This trend encompasses environmental concerns by reusing older decorating items in new and unique ways and incorporating them with current fashion.

Let me know if you have any photo examples of Retro Chic as I would love to include them – the best photo gets promoted on this site!

hand holding cupcake

Today was a historic day for Australia as the Senate approved a price on carbon pollution with the approval of the Clean Energy Future package.

For the first time, Australia will have a price on carbon, after the 36 to 32 vote in the upper house.

According to the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Australia is one of the top 20 polluting countries in the world. Finally we may be taking some substantial action that should benefit future generations and help the Australian economy transition more swiftly into a cleaner, greener future.

Despite massive downpours in Canberra, a crew of committed supporters celebrated the event, with the filling of a time capsule to commemorate the event and speeches from Don Henry of the Australian Conservation Foundation, Christine Milne from the Greens and Penny Wong from the Australian Labour Party.

Let’s hope that the rest of the Australian community can realise the importance of this legislation and not just think of short-term vested interests or their own hip pocket.