retro floral towels and salt & pepper shakers

I have recently discovered the joys of second hand shopping, also known as “op shopping”. Previously, the impatient, younger version of me would skim in and out of these stores as fast as I could, and then be surprised that I could never find anything decent.

Now, with children who enjoy exploring op shops, I have finally discovered the art of browsing. Amazingly, when you browse you also discover useful and interesting things. Recent finds have included a coin album for my son to house his growing collection of coins, the above towels and an amazing old 1930s dining setting which I am still kicking myself that I didn’t buy!

Anyway as I looked around my house, which is scattered with older pieces of furniture from my grandparents house, I thought it time to coin a new decorating term “Retro Chic”. Clearly shabby chic has been around for over a decade, and done to death, so it must be time for a new decorating trend.

My definition:

Retro Chic – the use of old furnishings and homewares in a new, functional and fashionable way. This trend encompasses environmental concerns by reusing older decorating items in new and unique ways and incorporating them with current fashion.

Let me know if you have any photo examples of Retro Chic as I would love to include them – the best photo gets promoted on this site!