fresh vegetables on table at local farmers market

I have grown to appreciate our local Southside Farmer’s Markets.

Initially the clash with our lazy Sunday schedule did not appeal. But now with kids waking us up at the crack of dawn,  we have become more enamoured with getting out, having a browse, picking up a few goodies and a coffee before heading off to the next thing.

In Canberra’s colder months we were market regulars and loved the incidental meeting up with friends. Favourite purchases included the honey mustard sausages, macaroons, foccacias and of course the fresh fruit and vegies.

Stall holders come from around the region and need to be selling fresh, seasonal or regional produce. This interactive produce map shows you where all the food comes from.

If you are looking for a different experience to the weekly grocery shop at one of the big chain supermarkets, then I would definitely recommend checking out the markets!