person with shopping bags

As another Christmas lurks around the corner, I have been drawn to the thought of why do we need more stuff?

In recent conversations I have heard people complain about what to buy for those who have everything? In our society, incredibly, most of us have more things than we know what to do with and therefore don’t relish the thought of receiving more objects.

Fortunately we are gradually finding our way to more meaningful presents. Many charities including World Vision and Oxfam offer the chance to buy a goat, seeds, school supplies etc for people who are less well off materially.

Alternatively buying an “experience” for someone such as a theatre ticket, skydiving or dance lesson, can help expand their world without expanding their wardrobe or waistline.

Even better just spending time with those who would like to see you or who need company, can be a gift that is much more meaningful than things.

The Story of Stuff provides an interesting background to the way we make, use and throw away all our stuff.

Also as we head into Christmas, an example of why free (or almost free) toys can be best, see The Five Best Toys of All Time.