Man pushing the world
Photo: Arztsamui 

Are environmental sustainability and climate change issues getting a bit tired? Have we stopped listening and increasingly just want to get on with our lives? Are we hoping that the government or someone else will sort it out, or are we beyond caring?

Interestingly, recent research shows that Australians are increasingly apathetic when it comes to environmental issues. Apparently our interest peaked in 2007 and has been on the wane ever since. There have been many discussions that the environmental movement has lost its way and is too focused on preserving pristine wildernesses (of which there are few) and not tying environmental protection to economics.

Ideally structural reform would allow for broad changes, so individuals wouldn’t need to think about making changes, the changes would be made for us. Suddenly it would be easier and preferable to ride a bike or catch a train, because the economic and built form structures would provide greater incentives than disincentives to change our behaviour.

Our government has now re-worded its descriptions on climate change, to refer to dealing with “the inevitable consequences of climate change”. So yes, we are past the point of preventing climate change, but could still slow it down if we cared!

I have to say the air of futility is catching, but fortunately there are still some enthusiasts out there. To help reignite the passion I have joined the locally run Carbon Challenge which asks you to commit to challenges over a 3 month period, aimed at reducing your carbon footprint.

Total Environment Centre Canberra Carbon Challenge

In the international sphere The Climate Reality Project continues to present and talk about the evidence for climate change and will soon be training the next batch of climate reality presenters.

Reigniting interest may require some rebranding, rethinking and a lot of baby steps. Do you know of any exciting environment focused projects out there, that are really making a difference?