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Botanic Gardens Cranbourne desert garden

Gardening ideas this time for the use of Australian natives found at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne, Victoria (around a 1 hour drive from central Melbourne).

Melbourne Botanic Gardens at Cranbourne

Use of plants as sculptural elements

Melbourne Botanic Gardens at Cranbourne

Detail in outdoor furniture – designed to blend with the landscape

Cranbourne Botanic Gardens dry weather gardening

Gardening for dry landscapes – waterwise garden


vegetables and herbs in raised planter

Over the past 50 years, human beings have altered ecosystems more rapidly and extensively than in any comparable period of time in human history. This is due to growing demands for food, fresh water, timber, fibre and fuel.

These changes have contributed to gains in human well-being and economic development but at the cost of diversity and resulting in the exacerbation of poverty for some groups of people (for more information see the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment ).

Sustainable Gardening offers an approach to food production that seeks to reduce the impact of humans on the natural environment while still sustaining people and is an approach outlined comprehensively in Sustainable Gardens (CSIRO Publishing Gardening Guides Series)

Sustainable gardening, is defined as gardening that maximises environmental benefit and human well-being. The book covers off on how to design low impact gardens, the origins of sustainable horticulture, and looks in extensive detail at energy use, water use, materials, biodiversity and ecology in relation to gardening.

Sustainable Gardens looks much more broadly than the backyard and also delves into food production at a commercial level, suburban developments and the basic science behind sustainable gardening approaches. Given its broad coverage it wraps up nicely with the example of an Australian garden Karkalla  in the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria which provides a working example of sustainable gardening.

Sustainable Gardens (CSIRO Publishing Gardening Guides Series)

Coming soon – Canberra City Farm!

A group in Canberra is cooking up plans to develop a Canberra City Farm.

No, this is not a petting zoo for children, or a demonstration farm. It is intended to be a place where anyone in the community can come and learn more about sustainable living in practice, a network and place for interaction and education.

Ideas for the City Farm concept include demonstrating different gardening practices suitable for the local environment, showcasing renewable technologies or simply understanding the basics of composting. At this stage everything is up for discussion with the intention to quickly narrow down to a focused direction.

The first workshop to discuss ideas, vision and options, was held today. If you are interested and would like to come along to the next workshop contact

Visit Canberra City Farm’s wiki site if you would like to participate or find out more.