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Once upon a time, a large rainforest, home to many animals caught fire and they were driven out of their home. From the hills nearby, they watched together… helpless, as their home and land, was destroyed. And as they did so, a small bird flew past with a droplet of water it had collected from a lake nearby. It dropped it on the fire, then it flew back for another drop of water, again and again. The animals watched in amazement as this bird flew back and forth, determined to quell the fire with just drops of water. An elephant stopped the bird and asked why? Didn’t the bird see that its efforts were in vain? The bird simply replied, “The drop of water I carry may not stop the fire, but eventually you will realise that if we all work together we can make a difference…”

Thanks Jeeven for sharing this story on the Living Greener website. I have borrowed it in the hope that it will inspire others!

I certainly sometimes feel like my actions are but a small drop of water in the scheme of things, but it is amazing what all those small drops put together can do.


Christmas tree ornaments

A couple of weeks ago (yes a little premature I know) we put up our Christmas tree. 

This event for us involves dragging inside a very heavy pot containing a real live Christmas tree, then decorating it. Strangely enough since our early Christmas decorating spree, the most common comment we have received is

“Oh….it’s a real Christmas tree!”

I have found this quite amusing and bewildering…. haven’t people seen a real Christmas tree before?  Is it really that much of a novelty? Well apparently so…

Now today I have discovered that our live potted Christmas tree, which seems to be quite unusual in Australia these days, is also the most environmentally friendly option (well they don’t call me EnviroMum for nothing!).

An article in today’s Melbourne Age states that
Fake trees lead to the emission of more than double the greenhouse gases of a natural one” (!)

And apparently “a family would have to keep a plastic tree for at least 20 years to to balance out the 8.1 kilograms of CO2 it would have caused to be emitted each year, compared to 3.1 kilograms for a natural tree.”

Unfortunately most families only keep their fake Christmas trees for 6 years on average (who researches this stuff??). Further to this “Plastic stands used to hold up natural Christmas trees also leave an environmental footprint but it is offset by the carbon soaked up by the trees during their time in the ground.”

Therefore the best option in terms of greenhouse emissions is to have a natural potted tree. Oh, Christmas tree, how lovely are your real live branches!

For more information on having a Green Christmas

Greening the Festive Season – Environment Victoria 

Stockpile Love not Landfill this Christmas


the real meaning of Christmas

I am a growing fan of e-cards, which are great for certain situations, use less resources than the hard copy version and are generally cheaper. They also increase the probability of the greeting reaching the person on time.

However I have found that free e-cards often have very limited choice but now think I may have struck the jackpot, as have discovered Care2 E-cards which are cute and quirky cards, at the right price (free!) and on top of this apparently for every eCard sent, Care2 makes a donation to an environmental nonprofit to save a square foot of rainforest (don’t know quite how this works, but I am sure there are more details on their website somewhere).

 See the below image of the e-card I just sent my Dad for Father’s Day, funky, retro, cool… a bit like him!

Source: Care2 e-cards

Source: Care2 e-cards

Welcome to my first blog! If you are interested in environmental issues and trying to make your home (or workplace) more planet friendly this blog could be for you…..

I am coming from the perspective of being a part-time worker and full-time Mum to two young, active boys and trying to be a bit more conscious of my decisions and their environmental impact.

Although having worked in areas that have been looking at the energy efficiency of homes and the impact of our city designs on people’s physical activity and health, I am the first to say I do not implement a lot of what I have learnt in my day to day life.  and if I can’t do some of these basic things I am not sure how other people with equally busy lives manage to think about, let alone doing anything on this front.

If I can contribute a few ideas, shortcuts and input into making other people’s lives easier, healthier and more caring of the world God created then this blog will have been worthwhile.

Here goes nothing!