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I have noticed that there have been a lot of hits on Joel Pett’s brilliant cartoon, asking what if climate change is a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing. In the same vein is this light hearted look at the evidence for global warming…

climate change proof


Obviously we haven’t paid enough attention to An Inconvenient Truth!

Coming soon is the Climate Reality Project – a day long worldwide event on Thursday 15 September with the aim of generating interest and presenting facts about climate change in an attempt to engage public conversation on how we can solve this significant global issue.

The Climate Reality Project  consists of a multimedia presentation created by Al Gore being presented every hour of the day on the 15th September.

It will be a livestream occurring in 24 different time zones to audiences around the globe, in an attempt to generate (or regenerate) interest and discussion on this topic.

For my part I am heading off to special presentation in Canberra which is one of the host cities. For more information on the Climate Reality Project or to see the trailer.

I just came across this cartoon by Joel Pett recently and think it sums things up nicely! I’ll let it speak for itself.

Also see a light hearted look at the proof of global warming.

Once upon a time, a large rainforest, home to many animals caught fire and they were driven out of their home. From the hills nearby, they watched together… helpless, as their home and land, was destroyed. And as they did so, a small bird flew past with a droplet of water it had collected from a lake nearby. It dropped it on the fire, then it flew back for another drop of water, again and again. The animals watched in amazement as this bird flew back and forth, determined to quell the fire with just drops of water. An elephant stopped the bird and asked why? Didn’t the bird see that its efforts were in vain? The bird simply replied, “The drop of water I carry may not stop the fire, but eventually you will realise that if we all work together we can make a difference…”

Thanks Jeeven for sharing this story on the Living Greener website. I have borrowed it in the hope that it will inspire others!

I certainly sometimes feel like my actions are but a small drop of water in the scheme of things, but it is amazing what all those small drops put together can do.