A few shows that might help to inspire and educate you on how to make your life greener – in a practical, get your hands dirty kind of way!

Costa’s Garden Odyssey SBS Series (now available on DVD or view online)

Costa shares his gardening wisdom and explains how we can all produce our own harvest and make our backyards productive and enjoyable places to be.

Dirt Girl World

This children’s show on the ABC has something for everyone, songs, stories and practical tips on gardening.

My favourite song so far is ‘Funky in da compost’!

Corporation, The

The Corporation

Will make you think about why we buy things, how advertising impacts our decisions, and the negative externalities of our consumer decisions. Demonstrates the impact of corporations on our lives that we may be largely unaware of.

Food Inc.

Food Inc.

Find out more about the darker side of the U.S. food industry. I can guarantee this will make you more curious about where your food is coming from and also think twice about what you buy and eat.