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Welcome to my first blog! If you are interested in environmental issues and trying to make your home (or workplace) more planet friendly this blog could be for you…..

I am coming from the perspective of being a part-time worker and full-time Mum to two young, active boys and trying to be a bit more conscious of my decisions and their environmental impact.

Although having worked in areas that have been looking at the energy efficiency of homes and the impact of our city designs on people’s physical activity and health, I am the first to say I do not implement a lot of what I have learnt in my day to day life.  and if I can’t do some of these basic things I am not sure how other people with equally busy lives manage to think about, let alone doing anything on this front.

If I can contribute a few ideas, shortcuts and input into making other people’s lives easier, healthier and more caring of the world God created then this blog will have been worthwhile.

Here goes nothing!