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Well it’s amazing the things I get excited about! My latest discovery is EnviroLove a business focused on the collection and recycling of organic waste.

Image: Grant Cochrane /

They have already made great headways into recycling commercial organic waste in Canberra. Essentially they are collecting food waste coming out of cafes, restaurants and teaching facilities and converting it back into soil – brilliant! Why didn’t someone think of this before?

I have been amazed when I have asked at cafes what they do with their leftover coffee grounds and they have looked at me blankly and said “throw them in the bin with everything else”. Anyway great work EnviroLove hoping to hear more about you in the future.

Also check out the article on Jahne Meyer the founder of EnviroLove at Brilliant Idea.

By the way I have finally found a place that packages their coffee grounds for gardeners/composters to take home!


In my travels around Canberra, I encounter various places that I enjoy and sometimes love and want to share with others. I hope that for locals, being aware of these places, may help them to ‘live local’ and frequent local businesses close to their home, or owned by local Canberrans.

Here are a few places I would recommend, with the hope that I can continue to expand the list.

A Bite to Eat (Chifley Shops) For those who enjoy sharing a coffee or meal with friends in a relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by funky retro fabrics and furnishings.

Deek’s Bakery (Pearce Shops and Dickson Shopping Centre) Owned by local hero Robert de Castella (marathon runner extraordinaire). Deek’s offers a whole host of gluten-free delicacies to either eat in or take away, including bread, biscuits, cake and fresh pasta.


Shabby Attic (Carlton Village, Kambah) This lovely little shop offers shabby chic gifts and furnishings, together with a cafe if you want to hang around and enjoy a coffee and cake.

Q Bookshop (Curtin Shops) What a find! Tucked in the basement of the Curtin shops, offering a mass of second hand books and cafe offering food and live music most weekends. Check out their website for more details of upcoming events.

Thanks to my previous job (and the alluring coffee machine) I am now officially a coffee addict.

Now that I am spending a bit more time at home and occassionally in the corridors of government (no free coffee there, or at least not for me) I have decided my habit needs to become a bit more affordable and eco-friendly.

My standard large latte every morning and afternoon (average $3.30-$5 each) adds up in terms of cost and uses a lot of disposable cups! 


my plunger and coffee travel mug all in one

my plunger and coffee travel mug all in one

My new Bodum plunger cup (only $10 on sale) is already making me feel better. It will have paid for itself after only 3 uses and should save me around $30 week, (that’s $1560 a year!)  

Add to that the pile of disposable cups removed from landfill (or using energy going through the recycling process) and my organic, free-trade plunger coffee and it is all good. Three cheers for the new plunger cup!