Thanks to my previous job (and the alluring coffee machine) I am now officially a coffee addict.

Now that I am spending a bit more time at home and occassionally in the corridors of government (no free coffee there, or at least not for me) I have decided my habit needs to become a bit more affordable and eco-friendly.

My standard large latte every morning and afternoon (average $3.30-$5 each) adds up in terms of cost and uses a lot of disposable cups! 


my plunger and coffee travel mug all in one

my plunger and coffee travel mug all in one

My new Bodum plunger cup (only $10 on sale) is already making me feel better. It will have paid for itself after only 3 uses and should save me around $30 week, (that’s $1560 a year!)  

Add to that the pile of disposable cups removed from landfill (or using energy going through the recycling process) and my organic, free-trade plunger coffee and it is all good. Three cheers for the new plunger cup!